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2015 Strategic Talent Onboarding

Organiser   Talent Management Alliance LLC (TMA)
Date   Starts : October 01, 2015 Ends : October 02, 2015
Time   at :  08:15 AM at :  04:30 PM
Location   The Westin San Diego, 400 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101
City   California
Country   United States
Event Details  

No matter how advanced (or behind) the onboarding strategy is – there is always room for improvement Onboarding sets the tone of the new employee’s journey with the company. A positive experience will yield such benefits as higher retention rates and brand ambassadors, while a negative experience will create dissatisfaction from the start. Whether good or bad, onboarding touches each part of the talent life-cycle. Those that aren’t treating onboarding as a strategic initiative, starting during the recruitment process, are missing out on an incredible way to ensure high engagement and retention levels, a positive culture, and a high-performing workforce.

We Will Discuss:

- Mini-Workshop: Understanding the Science, Psychology and Importance of Successful Onboarding, and Where to Start

- Making a Case for Buy-in and Investment

- How Onboarding Impacts Retention

- Executive Onboarding Best Practices

- The Difference between Mentors and Ambassadors

- Setting Expectations during Recruiting

- How to Create an Engaging Onboarding Experience

- Strategies to Reduce Tactical Obligations, and Create More Time for Strategic Onboarding

- Culture and Socialization (Formal and Informal)

- Development and Training for New Hires from the Same, and Different Industries

- Using Assessments to Match New Hires with Team Members

- How to Learn from Epic Failures

- Keeping New Hires Engaged

Tags   2015 Strategic Talent Onboarding, Retention Rate, Talent Life Cycle, Recruitment Process, Onboarding, Mentoring

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